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TET #005: The Only Habit That Matters

Sep 03, 2022

Today I’m going to talk about habits and what I have found to be the most important habit.

Habits are everywhere.

Just copy & paste them to get the results you want.

Or so the story goes.

But how often do we end up ditching a habit after a few days?

Because we don’t see the results we want?

Because we don’t really care about it?

When we engage in a new habit, we usually only focus on that habit itself.

We keep track of our progress.

Until we stop.

Unfortunately, what we often don’t see is that we are building another habit as well.

One that gets easily overlooked.

The Habit of Building Habits

Every time we pick up a new habit just to abandon it a few days later we strengthen our habit of not building habits.


  • We half-ass a habit
  • We prove to ourselves that we can’t build a habit
  • We make it harder for new habits to stick in the future

The good news is, that the same dynamic works in the other direction, too!

If we pick up a habit and follow through, we strengthen our habit of building habits.

So how do we get there?

Step 1: Be Aware

As with all things that we want to change, we need to become aware of them first.

Every time you pick up a new habit, keep in mind that it will also impact your habit of building habits.

Don’t copy every habit that is currently en vogue.

Be intentional.

Step 2: Know Your Why

How can you be more intentional?

Ask yourself why you are picking up a habit.

If you are into meditation or cold showers - why are you doing it?

The cost of ditching a habit halfway is higher than avoiding it in the first place.

Step 3: Start Small

If every successfully established habit improves your habit of building habits, then it makes sense to start small.

Pick a habit that you are confident you can establish.

You can always level it up over time.

Bad: Run 10 miles every day.

Better: Run 1 mile every day.

This is harder than it sounds.

Many people are motivated to go all in.

Just look at all the new gym memberships in January.

Step 4: Build One Habit at a Time

This is similar to step 3 - your natural inclination may be to take on multiple habits at once.


Work on one habit at a time.

Only when it has become second nature should you consider taking on the next one.

By then it will also have improved your habit of building habits.


See you next week.

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