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Overcoming Self-Doubt And Limiting Beliefs

TTVB #003: Overcoming Self-Doubt And Limiting Beliefs

May 21, 2023

Today, let's delve into a topic that often holds us back from embarking on a new venture - our misconceptions and limiting beliefs.

It's time to address these together and take action.

Let's dive in.

#1 I'm not an expert, so how can I educate people?

It's a common myth that only experts can educate.

Expertise comes with practice, so start somewhere.

Action Tip: Think about yourself a few months ago.

What problems have you overcome?

Write down the obstacles you faced and the steps taken to improve - this can serve as your first piece of content.

Also, consider being transparent.

Acknowledging and sharing that you are evolving as you go can be relatable for your audience.

It is a sign of authenticity.

#2 So many people are already talking about this subject.

Undermining your experience is a common misconception.

It is not the knowledge that sells itself—your experience, mindset, unique circumstances, and personal story shape it.

Action Tip: Competition is intimidating, but identify something that can set you apart, such as your storytelling style or customer service skills.

No two stories are alike, so there is always space to contribute.

#3 I'm already so busy I don't have the time.

We all have existing responsibilities.

But you don't have to sacrifice all of your time.

I call it a tiny venture for a reason.

Reframe your perspective on time.

One hour a week makes 4 hours a month, 12 hours in 3 months.

Action Tip: Identify pockets of time in your day or week to dedicate even 20 minutes.

Start small and build momentum.

Supplement this with task-management tools like Trello to map out what tasks you can tackle and when.

Breaking down time into manageable chunks helps build momentum more effectively than attempting to tackle everything simultaneously.

#4 Fear.

Fear is at the core of many of our limiting beliefs.

The fear of being irrelevant.

The fear of being made fun of.

The fear of not being good enough.

Perhaps, even the fear of success.

Fear is the reason why many of our ideas remain just ideas.

Embracing fear as a reality is often the counter-intuitive approach needed to succeed.

Action Tip: It is a part of the entrepreneurial journey, and you should always frame it as a learning opportunity.

A tiny venture means tiny steps, iterating as you go.

This also feeds into being an expert.

Your insight is just as valuable when you learn how NOT to do something.

As for fear of how you are perceived, most humans care about themselves.

We are all too focused on our weaknesses.

Hence most people will not care half as much as you think.

This is liberating. Embrace it.

As you tackle these misconceptions, remember that "Great things never come from comfort zones."

Embark on your venture today, no matter how tiny the first step may seem.

The best cure for fear is action.

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